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“Unileasing” Leasing Company

“Unileasing” Leasing Company is seeking a talented professional with previous marketing experience - Marketing & Business Development Specialist

1. Bachelor’s degree in marketing, public relations or communication is required.
2. Excellent proficiency in computer software usage as it relates to marketing.
3. A high level of creativity and innovation
4. Substantial level of experience
5. Written and oral skills in English and local language

Duties and responsibilities:
1. Develops specific programs that wll meet the goals of company`s marketing strategy
2. Develops necessary advertising for specific products and branches as necessary
3. Develops spesific accounts in order to meet our marketing strategy and works on development of these products
4. Keeps researching and evaluating company`s target markets
5. Researches, develops and prepares all necessary brochures on lease products and service.

If you are interested in joining to our Company and possess qualifications listed, please send your CV to Elnara.Mamedova@unileasing.az


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