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кого? и мотивы ?
The founder of the www.susmayaq.biz web-site Bakhtiyar
Hajiyev has been allegedly detained last night by the
Narimanov District Police Department.
The website criticized the government due to recent
price increase.

Bakhtiyar Hajiyev was detained before when he
organized protests to campaign against corruption in
education. Then he has been elected as the Chairman of
Azerbaijani branch of International Union of Economics
and Management Students.
The Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Youth
and Sport even organized reception for him, where his
new position was announced. The Minsiter of Education
Misir Mardanov, ex-minister of Youth, Sport and
Tourism Abulfaz Karayev, MP Qanira Pashayeva and other
international representatives participated at the

Bakhtiyar Hajiyev is known as a student activist who
has brought about variety of new initiatives. Some of
them have been supported by the authorities as well.

He is also national representative for AISEAC
According to the information which is not confirmed
yet, Bakhtiyar Hajiyev have been sentenced to 12 days
of administrative punishment.

The arrest of Bakhtiyar is unacceptable as he has done
nothing unlawful.

This act should be considered as an attempt to
undermine and intimidate of youth activism in

We call upon all the people who knows Bakhtiyar and
people who sympathyse with the future of Azerbaijan
raise their voice against illegal arrest of Bakhtiyar

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