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Нас 146%! ;-)
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А что представляет из себя:
"2 овощного кубика галина бланка"
Линк или картинку поместить можете?
Буду очень блкагодарен.

Gallina Blanca

Gallina Blanca brands have gained high international prestige and their market acceptance and penetration positions them among the best in foodstuff category. Quality of Gallina Blanca products and ample assortment of broths, culinary compliments, soups, instant soups, ready dishes and pasta, provide an extensive answer to the necessities and diversity of numerous countries such as the US which we represent. Gallina Blanca's adaptation to the tastes, gastronomical preferences and circumstances of each country helps and enriches the daily menu preparation to our costumers and has made this brand preferred by the millions of households. Some Flavors include: GB Chicken Stock Cubes, GB Chicken Garlic/Onion Stock Cubes, GB Chicken Coriander Stock Cubes, GB Tomato Stock Cubes, GB Fish Stock Cubes, GB Shrimp Stock Cubes, GB Chicken Stock Powder, GB Bacon Stock Powder, GB Chicken Tomato Stock Powder, GB Bacon Stock Cubes,GB Tagliatelle Parmigiana, GB Cheese Pasta, GB Pasta Pesto, etc. These soups and ready made meals vary in size. We currently have exclusive distribution rights to the West regions of the United States. Please contact us for further detail.
В телерекламе обычно снимают очень симпатичных хозяйственных мамаш.


А вот и альтернативная реклама. )

Aquila non captat muscas

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