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20:06 / 09.10.2009/TURAN/ Trial on the case of bloggers Adnan Hajizade and Emin Milli continued on Friday in the Sabail Court. Vusal Mamedov and Babek Huseynov who are considered as sufferers, did not attended.
The lawyer of the accused Elton Guliyev appealed with request to change the conclusion by medical expertise issued for Vusal Mamedov with a term "light body injury", and to exclude it from the list of evidences, but the judge objected. After the consultation the judge said uncertainly that the appeal can be considered another time.
Adnan Hajizade said the materials of the investigation are ungrounded and based on mistakes. "It is ridiculous that such lanky fellows could be beaten by us," Adnan said.
"We did not beat or insult anybody. The real reason for my arrest is my public activity. I’ve got my education in USA, and my parents are educated persons. The youth organization created by me is against violence," Hajizade said. Then he told in detail about the incident at the "Lebanese" restauranton July 8, where at the invitation of Orkhan Gafarov young people decided to discuss question on participation in municipal elections.
"Ten or 15 minutes later Vusal and Babek came in. We discussed elections when Vusal came up to us, and Babek used a bad speech. Vusal stood up in front of Emin and beat him on head. Emin fell down on knees. I was trying to separate them, but was beaten myself several times. I could not resist because they were stronger than we," Adnan said.
"We got up and left restaurant. We came to Police station N 39 and told about the attack on us, but policemen told that "Lebanese" restaurant was not their territory. We went by car to Police station N 9 and Babek and Vusal were there already. We were not provided medical assistance in the police station.
"Medical expertise was made by Mejid Mamedov formally, and he did not examine us," Adnan said, and showed photos how they visited Police station N 39 and traumas o their bodies.
Emin Milli confirmed everything told by Adnan. "Investigation on our case was not objective; why have not been Vusal and Babek interrogated yet?" he asked.
Then he gave answers to the questions on a judge and public prosecutor. Next session was scheduled for October 13.

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