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Простите если было оскорбительно. Не хотел...

Ничего страшного.
Со всеми бывает.
Хан Дорогой,я никогда намеками не разговариваю.
Хеч кимнен де гохмурам.
Поверьте судьба этих мальчиков да да,это не ошибка,а именно мальчиков,меня волнует в не меньшей степени,чем других,хотя бы потому,что они жить,только начинают.
Вот сейчас я напишу,и некоторые поймут меня не правильно.
На этой ветке,обсуждается вопрос Эмина и Аднана,верно?
А пожалуйста посмотрите,на последние посты.
Во первых напрасно Вы так снишодительно к ним относитесь - мальчиками называете. Емин евли адамды, и вообше если кто то есть КИШИ, так ето они, и я уверен, они знали на что шли.

Последнии посты напрямую связаны с етим вопросом. Не обсуждая контекст , в котором произошло ето правонарушение, невозможно серьёзно противостять сему. Вот статья Емина Милли, напрямую связанная с последними постами. Почитайте, задумайтесь:

"Success is not the aim… It is the way you go."
Birth of the concept
We are all living in times of permanent changes. Change is very stable and nothing can stop the change. There have been a lot of changes in Azerbaijan since our country has regained its independence in 1991 after collapse of the Soviet Union. We have seen war with Armenia, occupation of our lands, hundred thousands of refugees and IDPs', civil war, coup d'etats, economic and political chaos. Time has passed and now we are living in society which is not as free as Poland or Estonia but also not so closed as Belorussia. Transition period from authoritarian system to functioning democracy and free market has still not been completed. Azerbaijan is having one of the highest GDP growths (about 30 percent) in the world according to IMF figures, but our economy is heavily dependant on oil export revenues. This dependence is going to grow in the coming years.
Part of new generation of Azerbaijani nation is living in XXI century and old generation is still in XVII century. Life in stone ages can be really depressing. So we felt need for change and we felt need for more communication within our society and also need to connect our society with the rest of the world. We are living in communication era and we believe that one can use all the opportunities we have nowadays to bring positive changes to Azerbaijan throw open air education, networking and ICT.
The concept we came up with can be called as REVOLUTIONARY EVOLUTION ("RE"). Revolutions cost lives of people and are not real in oil rich countries like Azerbaijan and we also know that evolution can last sometimes too long and turn into stagnation. So we decided to develop "RE" concept which could be accepted by government, civil society and international community and would contribute to the rapid sustainable development of our country taking into consideration real situation in Azerbaijan and in the Caucasus region (having neighbors like Russia and Iran).
Alumni Network – New Space
It was obvious that we had to think about creating new space for communication of the Third Wave (i.e. information society) generation of Azerbaijanis. We needed a framework or a tool to bring together best minds, to escape elitism and to engage government, international community and other actors in our concept. This is how Alumni Network was born in 2005.
It was decided to bring together two target groups – alumni (Azerbaijanis who have studied in the best Universities abroad) and students who study in Universities in Azerbaijan (who create their own networks and their own mobile groups) and to create active interaction and network within and between these two groups. We strongly believe that creating more communication lines in our society and connecting our society with the rest of the world is important factor of sustainable change. Now, in November 2006, we have about 1000 Alumni and students in "Astudents" yahoogroup. This is one of the tools for our everyday communication and we are planning to create website very soon to improve and to expand the level of our communication. Our yahoogroup is one of the main and leading alternative media resources in Azerbaijan where young people can freely express themselves. We have no ideology in our network. Our diversity makes network attractive space for intellectuals and young people. We are mini free information society.
Alumni Network is multidimensional network. One of our main principles is neutrality. We do not support any political party or leader as a network. We do discuss political, economical and social issues and we can support anyone politically as individuals, but to make political statements from the name of the whole Network is not allowed. There is no collective responsibility, but only individual one on this level. Everyone is responsible only for what he/she is doing or saying. There is no office, no money and no registration. Network is inclusive, non-hierarchical and non-bureaucratic. There is no chairman and nothing you can touch. Network is something you can only feel.
Network also has many other dimensions. People who come and meet each other during our events find likeminded people here and go for creating new institutions of civil society uniting Third Wave generation. These kinds of institutions are hierarchical and professionally managed in bureaucratic way. We have such new institutions like Centre for European Studies, Free Minds Association etc.
Interactive Public Lectures
Alumni Network is organizing every Sunday at 16.00 interactive public lectures in Azerbaijani German Cultural House (28 May str. 15). Topics vary from "Deconstruction Philosophy of Jacque Derrida", "Construction of Social Reality", "Sense of Future: Vision and Passion vs. Reason and Fashion", "Oil and Democracy" till "Wedding Concept for Development of Civil Society" and "Europe: Yes or No?".
In summer 2006 Alumni Network has started to organize interactive public lectures ("The Power of Ideas, "The Power of Networking" etc.), discussions, mobile meetings in the mountains, forests, botanic gardens in different regions of Azerbaijan and all over the world. All the events are organized on mobile, flexible and self-sustainable basis. Everyone is paying his/her travel costs and brings own food, music instruments etc. We try to show students and other alumni that many things can be done even better without money and without bureaucracy. We are informing each other about all the events, parties and initiatives throw emails and sms. This is real and anyone can do it if they strongly believe in what they are doing.
Future is What You Do Now
During interactive public lectures we started to think that actually one of the main challenges for our country in the years to come will be the question of how to manage massive oil revenues coming to our economy?
We came up with initiative to organize campaign "Future Is What You Do Now" in 2005. Idea was to make president to sign a decree ordering establishment of State Program to send 5 000 Azerbaijani students every year in the best Universities in Europe, USA and Japan. Students have started to collect emails to support this idea; we organized the most unforgettable parties in Azerbaijan to attract attention to this issue. Only Apple Party could bring together about 600 people in private house where we had rock music in garage, Latino music in garden and chill out music on the roof. Price of entrance to this party was one apple and message was "Future Is What You Do Now". Everyone in Azerbaijan knew next week about this party and its slogan. We also organized many other parties to promote our ideas and to expand our network.
In May 2006 we have organized first Forum of Azerbaijani Students in Europe in European Parliament where we discussed future integration of Azerbaijan to the EU. We brought together best minds of the Third Wave who study in UK, Germany, Italy, Turkey, Russia, Poland, Sweden, France and many other European countries. The Forum was held under the slogan "Future Is What You Do Now". Our message was on all TV and radio stations in Azerbaijan. Many people did not believe that it can become real. But on 19 October 2006, President signed decree and our students in their Universities became heroes who made real what they have once imagined and believed in. This campaign has become guide book on how to campaign to push things on the agenda of the government.
Weddings and Networking
Alumni Network has become during just one year a space for interactive communication of new generation, space for generation of new ideas, new intellectual and entertainment space – new way of thinking and new way of life in Azerbaijan.
In October 2006 first couple which met in Alumni Network have married – Elnura and Zaur. This has become the beginning of implementation of our wedding concept. Weddings in Azerbaijan bring together 300-500 people and this we decided to develop and to use as new space for our communication with the rest of the society. We are planning to talk about our ideas in all weddings where we go. We are also planning to organize 100 Open Air Alumni Network weddings on the beach of the Caspian Sea on 7 June 2008. Every wedding will have its own music( National, Salsa, Rock, Jazz etc) and guests will be able to move from one wedding to another by boats. The wedding will become new tool to communicate our ideas about society of free and responsible people. Wedding is THE place to promote new ideas. This can become historical project for the development of civil society in Azerbaijan.
Concept for export
Changes could take 200-400 years in the Middle Ages and later to change societies. But today we know that by using new technologies and by spreading knowledge, skills and ideas, by developing and expanding networks of the Third Wave generation one can bring positive changes much faster. It is also important to note here that the process itself is more important than the aim. If the process of change will be positive and will have quality then there will be a lot of positive accumulative effects of that process. REVOLUTIONARY EVOLUTION is the process. It can be accepted as a tool to promote positive changes in Azerbaijani society by different actors. It can become also new concept to be applied in all other parts of the world where time naturally is needed to establish truly free, democratic and civil society without destroying existing system but rather changing it rapidly steps by steps.

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