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<div class='quotetop'>Цитата(Volkan @ 7.5.2008, 20:19) [snapback]132645[/snapback]</div>
Американские законы запрешают многое, только вот умные американские юристы находят методы, как и дело сделать, и закон не нарушить. Поэтому придумывают "программы" и под них выделяется бюджет. ....
Вот поэтому расписывают "программы", собирают подписи с получения, нагромождают бумагами и т.д. А потом отчитываются. И все пучком.

Миллион на одну организацию, миллион на другую, немного на третью.... Получается что сюда пригонят табуны "эксперты в области демократии" и сколько их пригонят в Азербайджан на пару месяцев чтобы "расписать" на них такие суммы - они оказывается круче "парней с Уолл-стритт" получают ))))))))))))))))))))
Надо будет спросить почему работать в подобных организациях считается признаком лузера . )))))))))))))))))
Только не надо утверждать что все эти организации с баальшими бюджетами работают только на Азербайджан ))))))))))

Да и технически - даже "экспертам по демократии" нужен field information, fisibility studies и всякие там researches. А за это надо будет платить деньги уже местным НПО. :wink: Не будут же "эксперты" околесицу нести не зная "как в полях".
Вот тут и есть "специфика" - на гранты то мизер, а вот за "работу" около полторы миллиона. И это не считая покупок оргтехники и прочего "для укрепления демократии и развития партий".

Опять же наблюдения и мониторинги - тоже нанимать надо будет. Не будут же "эксперты" по районам мотаться.

Так что все путем - как обычно: Утром деньги - вечером "демократия". )))))))))

А вот информация о том, как National Endowment for Democracy потратил денешку в Азербайджане (в 2006 году - 597,2 тыс. долл. не считая 217,9 для NDI, в 2005 - 395,2 тыс. не считая 130,0 для NDI
Итак: 2006 год
Azerbaijan Lawyers Association
To defend the political rights of the citizens of Azerbaijan. The Association will focus on the most basic rights that are constitutionally mandated the right to assembly, association, free speech, and access to information. The Association will provide legal assistance to politically active citizens, produce two monitoring reports focusing on freedom of assembly and other political rights, and conduct four televised roundtables and six training seminars throughout the country.
Citizen Advocacy Office for Legislature's Accountability (CAOLA)
To advocate greater transparency in the parliament and create a system of public oversight over MPs. The organization will train twelve constituent groups in methods of advocating for greater transparency and accountability from their parliamentary representative. CAOLA will also launch a campaign to persuade parliament to publish its voting records and publish a monthly bulletin.
FAR Centre for Economic and Political Research
To involve Azeri graduates from U.S., European, and Turkish exchange programs in a debate about policy. The FAR Center will work with five groups of young Western-educated graduates, each of which will publish a policy paper on issues of particular importance to young people in the journal, III Era. A public opinion poll about political attitudes among young people will be held nationally.
Human Rights Center of Azerbaijan
To publish monthly reports about violations of human rights in Azerbaijan. The Center will provide legal advice to ethnic minorities, refugees, homeless people, and prisoners and select cases for litigation in Azerbaijan and in international courts. The Center will also conduct trainings for activists and partner with the Chechen Educational Center to train young refugees.
Internews Azerbaijan
To expand Internews' Azerbaijan Media Forum website. The website will translate materials by Azerbaijani exiles from Iran, publish relevant legislation, monitor of abuses against the media, and critique irresponsible journalism. The site will host online forums with parliamentarians, prominent journalists, and political party leaders. The site will also contain news and interactive discussions, and contribute to advocacy, monitoring of freedom of the press, and criticism of unethical journalism.
Janub Khabarlari
To publish a newspaper three times a month, with a print run of 4,000 copies distributed throughout Southern Azerbaijan free of charge. Its main office will serve as a resource center and library for local NGOs, with literature on managing NGOs and democratic ideas and institutions. The newspaper's lawyer will provide consultations free of charge, particularly to NGOs facing legal troubles or pressure.
Law and Development Public Association
To enable effective communication between parliamentarians and their constituents in five regions of Azerbaijan. The Association will hold training seminars to inform regional activists about the responsibilities of their parliamentarian and methods of interacting with his office. The Association will also organize forums for parliamentarians to meet their constituents, and will organize study tours for activists from each region to visit the parliament in Baku.
Legal Education Society
To bring together a group of attorneys and a coalition of NGOs to monitor the judicial branch. The Society will lodge complaints against judges in instances of serious violations, and train the lawyers and activists. The Society will publish a report, a book, and an electronic bulletin. It will organize three roundtable discussions and a two-day conference.
"Legal Help" Public Association
To build legal literacy and defend the labor rights of citizens by providing legal consultations and representation for workers, employers, and trade unions in Lenkoran, a provincial town in Azerbaijan. The organization will provide consultations in person and over a telephone hotline six days a week. The organization will conduct four seminars on labor rights and publish a book about Azerbaijan's labor code.
Media Rights Institute
To conduct trainings about the provisions of the Freedom of Information Law for 330 activists throughout Azerbaijan. The activists will form a "Sunshine Network" of activists to support common efforts to obtain access to information. The Institute will publish a manual on the law and create a website with relevant articles, commentaries, and examples of best practices.
Model Constitutional Court (MCC)
To continue its program of mock trials and mock public hearings which demonstrate how a free, independent judiciary works. The MCC will hold four mock trials and seven mock public hearings and publish articles in the Azerbaijani press after each event. MCC will also produce two short films and radio programs based on the events and publish a book containing event transcripts.
National Democratic Institute for International Affairs
To develop political parties at the local level, and develop targeted voter outreach. NDI will build the capacity of political activists to identify and gauge local issues, develop local platforms, and increase interaction between political party members and the electorate. These efforts will create a core group of effective local party officials, stimulate discussion and resolution of local and regional issues, and create models for use nationwide by political parties.
OL! Azerbaijani Youth Movement
To promote the formation a youth movement that truly represents the interests and priorities of young people. OL! will create nine clubs on such topics as international relations and economics, organize monthly roundtable discussions regarding issues of importance, and hold a leadership camp. OL! will also form a specialized library by collecting volumes that are not readily available in university libraries.
Social Union of Sumgait Youth (SUSY)
To support the growth of the third sector. SUSY will continue to operate its NGO Resource Center in Sumgait, publish the Yukselish Namine newspaper, and maintain a website. In addition, it will launch a new monthly television program focusing on NGO activity. The show will be modeled on a similar program that SUSY produced two years ago for Dunya, a local TV station.
Society of Women of Azerbaijan for Peace and Democracy for the Transcaucasus
To assist human rights defenders from Uzbekistan and Azerbaijan. The Society will organize seminars for Uzbek human rights defenders regarding security. The Society will form a network of human rights defenders from Azerbaijan. The Society will partner with human rights organizations in Uzbekistan and the youth organization Yeni Fekir.
Yeni Nesil
To publish the independent newspaper Gyun and make the newspaper commercially viable. Currently, Gyun is a 28-page weekly newspaper with a print run of 3,500. Yeni Nesil will publish another edition of Gyun each week and increase its subscription base. It will establish an independent distribution network to bypass government-run distribution networks that are unreliable and subject to pressure.
Young Leaders Education-Training and Development Union
To educate Azerbaijan's young people and impart the values of activism, teamwork, and civic responsibility. The Union will organize two five-month intensive courses and two final seminars and will publish a monthly newsletter and a monthly NGO bulletin. The Union will also make efforts to integrate students into the local NGO community.
Young Leaders Education-Training and Development Union
To launch a media center in the provincial town Ganja. The center will provide office services for local journalists and will conduct training seminars. The Union will organize a journalism contest and maintain a web page about civil society in Ganja. The Union will conduct an opinion poll to learn how citizens obtain news and information.

2005 год:

Azerbaijan Foundation for Development of Democracy (AFDD)
To defend the electoral rights of candidates, voters, domestic monitors, and members of the electoral commissions. AFDD has a main office in Baku and branch offices in ten regions. Each office will hold two debates among candidates and two seminars for monitors and electoral commission members. The Baku office will maintain a hotline for complaints and information requests and will conduct a public opinion survey.

Azerbaijan Lawyers Association
To defend the political rights of voters, election monitors, and candidates during the electoral period. The Association will hold seminars and roundtables about the electoral law in Baku and eight regions. The Association will provide legal aid for voters omitted from the voter lists and for those who feel they have been unfairly denied the possibility of registering as candidates. After the elections, the Association will initiate cases on behalf of voters or candidates in districts with reportedly high levels of fraud.
Election Monitoring Center (EMC)
To inform the public about the electoral process and the political platforms of different parties and candidates by producing newspaper inserts, radio programs, and televised debates. EMC will also produce advertisements for radio and television to encourage voter participation.
FAR Centre for Economic and Political Research
To monitor the state of religious freedom and increase awareness of electoral rights. FAR will conduct seminars in ten regions of Azerbaijan and two nationwide opinion polls. The first phase will be devoted to educating the population about their electoral rights and conducting a public opinion poll about electoral preferences. The second phase of the program will focus on conducting general civic education seminars and a second opinion poll about religious freedom.
"Free Voice" Voters' Rights Defense Center
To inform voters about their electoral rights, the political process, and the views of individual candidates in the parliamentary elections. The Center will train student groups in four towns to canvass neighborhoods and distribute information to encourage voter participation. The Center will also conduct town hall meetings with candidates in each of the four towns.
Information Resource Center
To develop the regional NGO sector in Sheki by providing office facilities, seminars, and information resources. The Center will organize trainings for NGO activists that wish to conduct election monitoring, for district electoral commission members, and for those who work at the polling stations. The Center will also hold town hall meetings with candidates.
Institute of Peace and Democracy (IPD)
To establish an independent think tank. The Center for Public Policy will focus on establishment of public television, the law on the mass media, transparency in the oil sector, and reform of the healthcare system. IPD will research each topic, hold discussions with experts, produce drafts of relevant legislation, and organize a conference to highlight proposed policies and draft laws.
Internews Azerbaijan Public Association
To maintain and expand its Azerbaijan Media Forum website. The website will provide texts and drafts of relevant legislation, a critique of irresponsible journalism, analytical articles, original reporting, and will monitor abuses against the media. The website will also provide updates on Azerbaijani politics and media issues daily.
Legal Education Society
To increase awareness of access to the justice system in Azerbaijan. Legal Education Society will prepare a research report, organize two roundtables and an international conference to discuss reforms, provide training for a group of 30 young lawyers, prepare teaching materials for a course on advocacy, and form an advocates' club to build cooperation within the legal community.
Model Constitutional Court (MCC)
To continue its program of mock trials and mock public hearings. MCC will hold five mock trials and six mock public hearings, publish articles in the Azerbaijani press after each event, and publish a book about its activities.
Nakhchivan Regional Resource Center
To develop the regional NGO sector by providing office facilities, legal aid, and information resources. The Center will inform the public about the parliamentary elections by holding town hall meetings with local candidates, and will organize trainings for election observers. The Center will deliver books and periodicals from Baku and publish its own monthly bulletin.
National Democratic Institute for International Affairs
To organize an international delegation to Azerbaijan's parliamentary elections. NDI will deploy approximately 30 international observers to monitor the November parliamentary election. The delegation will conduct preliminary briefing sessions in Baku and observations in districts throughout the country. After the election, delegates will prepare a statement on the election process to be distributed to international and local organizations, the governments of the United States and Azerbaijan, and interested parties.
NGO Support Center
To support the NGO resource center in Quba, Azerbaijan. The Center will provide office services including access to internet, print publications, and training in a variety of technical and leadership skills for NGO staff. The organization will also publish a directory of local NGOs.
Resource Center for Elections
To develop the regional NGO sector in Lenkoran by providing office facilities, seminars, legal advice, and information resources. The Center will hold seminars on electoral law and host town hall meetings with local candidates. If violations of the electoral law occur during the elections, the Center will file appropriate complaints and reports with the courts and government agencies.
Social Union of Sumgait Youth (SUSY)
To support the growth of the NGO sector in Sumgait. SUSY will continue to operate its NGO Resource Center, rebroadcast its popular television series, publish a newspaper and an NGO directory, and maintain a website.
Support Center for Democratic Elections
To inform voters about the parliamentary elections and to promote transparent and fair elections. The Center will inform the public about voter lists, produce 30 national and 150 regional television spots, and distribute leaflets in 16 electoral districts. The Center will publicize cases in which potential candidates have been arbitrarily denied registration and will conduct media monitoring of three national television channels during the campaign period.
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