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[attachmentid=2459] The series of 'True facts about Garabagh' consists of five booklets:

1. 'Brief information of the history of Garabagh';
2. 'The beginning of the Garabagh conflict';
3. 'Activity of Armenian terrorist organizations against Azerbaijan';
4. 'The Khojaly genocide';
5. 'Consequences of Armenian aggression against Azerbaijan'.

Booklets, containing the facts on the history of Garabagh, the beginning of the Armenia-Azerbaijan, Daghlig Garabagh conflict, its damage to our country, the Khojaly tragedy that our people will never forget, terrorist acts committed by Armenians in different points of the world, have been published in English, French, German, Russian and Hungarian languages as they are considered for an international community.

The booklets, gracefully published in high polygraphic level, are rich with photos.

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