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Могу только предполагать, но при изменении, согласитесь, смысл пропадет.
Ну, тогда намек...

"People are lining up at heaven's gate. St. Peter would usher and leave each person in a small room with a Bible and a bundle of hundred dollar bills. After awhile, St. Peter would ask a person inside the room which to take, the bible or the money. Of course you already know that those who took the money went to hell and those who preferred the bible were guided by the angels to heaven. However, there was this man who upon entering the room, took the bible and read it. Whenever he encountered a good passage from the bible, he would get a bill and use it as a bookmark, until there was none left of the money. Then St. Peter came in and was stunned when he saw the man holding the bible and with dollar bills stucked in it. Where do you think this man would go?"

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