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Caucasian Review of International Affairs (http://cria-online.org/index.html)

VOL. 4 (1) - WINTER 2010 Download Full Issue

Note from the Editor-in-Chief (pp. 1-2)
Nasimi Aghayev

Research Papers

Russia’s Pragmatic Reimperialization (pp. 3-19)
by Janusz Bugajski

Puzzles of State Transformation: The Case of Armenia and Georgia (pp. 20-34)
by Nicole Gallina

Russia’s National Security Strategy to 2020: A Great Power in the Making? (pp. 35-42)
by Sophia Dimitrakopoulou & Andrew Liaropoulos
International Language Rights Norms in the Dispute over Latinization Reform in the Republic of Tatarstan (pp. 43-56)
by Dilyara Suleymanova

European Foreign Policy after Lisbon: Strengthening the EU as an International Actor (pp. 57-72)
by Kateryna Koehler

The Fall of the Berlin Wall: Twenty Years of Reform (pp. 73-81)
by Aleksandr Shkolnikov & Anna Nadgrodkiewicz

Kazan: The Religiously Undivided Frontier City (pp. 82-86)
by Matthew Derrick


“The Current Trend of the Kremlin is to Rather Formally Distance itself from the North Caucasus” (pp. 87-90)
Interview with Dr. Emil Souleimanov, Charles University, Prague, Czechia

Book Reviews
“The Guns of August 2008: Russia’s War in Georgia”, edited by Svante E. Cornell and Frederick Starr (pp. 91-96)
Review by Till Bruckner
“The Caucasus: An Introduction” by Frederik Coene (pp. 97-98)
Review by Alexander Jackson

“When Empire Meets Nationalism. Power Politics in the US and Russia” by Didier Chaudet, Florent Parmentier & Benoît Pelopidas (pp. 99-100)
Review by Samuel Lussac

Caucasian Review of International Affairs
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Founder and Editor-in-Chief:
Nasimi Aghayev, LL.M.Eur. is currently pursuing a PhD in Political Science at the University of Siegen in Germany. Previously, he was a Visiting Scholar at the University of Toronto in Canada, held diplomatic positions in the Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry in Baku, and in the embassies of Azerbaijan in Vienna and in Berlin. He earned his Master in European Law (LL.M.Eur.) from the Europa-Institute of the University of Saarland in Germany and Master of Arts in International Relations from the Baku State University in Azerbaijan. His book "Humanitäre Intervention und Völkerrecht" (Humanitarian Intervention and International Law) was published in 2007 in Berlin. Aghayev’s current research interests are South Caucasian regional security, integration into Euro-Atlantic structures, Azerbaijan’s foreign policy.

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