Просмотр полной версии : Принимаю заказы на б/у ADSL ведущих фирм ЗА 20 AZN!

22.04.2009, 00:57
Единственный нюанс, это кол-во заказов. Естественно что по одному привозить их никто не будетю Если есть заинтересованность в онных модемах, то "торг имеет место быть" :)


Belkin ADSL Modem with High-Speed Mode Wireless-G Router
Belkin is making quite a name for itself in wireless networking. Not only does it produce some of the best-value wireless routers around, it was also so early with a pre-802.11n product that the standard isn't even in draft mode yet (see issue 125, p69). Although the Pre-N shows Belkin's desire to push new ideas, the ADSL Modem with High-Speed Mode Wireless-G Router is based on the best of current technology.
This is yet another wireless broadband router to boast 125Mb/sec WLAN. The boost over 802.11g comes from a Broadcom chipset, which incorporates AfterBurner technology. This tightens the gaps between wireless data frames, using a process called frame bursting to enhance performance. It isn't really capable of 125Mb/sec, but it can improve speed significantly compared to standard 802.11g.
We used an IBM ThinkPad T42 Centrino notebook for throughput testing. First, we called upon IBM's built-in 802.11g and attempted to copy 144MB of files from a desktop PC attached via wired Ethernet. With the notebook next to the router, we achieved an impressive 18.8Mb/sec. But when we moved to a lower floor, this actually improved slightly to 19.5Mb/sec. Only when we tried the test from another room did throughput drop to 15.4Mb/sec.

22.04.2009, 01:06
Zyxel 660W/HW series adsl WIFI
Specifiche Hardware
• ADSL: Una Porta RJ-11
• LAN: 4 porte Switch, 10/100M Auto MDI/MDIX
• Pulsante Reset
• Status LEDs Indicator
• Alimentazione: 12 V AC 1 A
• Antenna esterna integrata

Specifiche Fisiche
• Dimensioni: 180 (L) x 128 (P) x 36 (H) mm
• Peso: 325g

Specifiche Ambientali
Ambiente Operativo
• Temperatura: 0°C ~ 40°C
• Umidità: 20% ~ 85% (non-condensing)
Ambiente Stoccaggio
• Temperatura: -20°C ~ 60°C
• Umidità: 20% ~ 90% (non-condensing)

* La velocità fino a 125Mbps con G+ Superspeed è supportato esclusivamente dal modello P-660HW-D unitamente ad un client 125Mbps G+ Superspeed compatibile.

Client wireless 125Mbps G+ Superspeed compatibili:
- G-162 Wireless Client Cardbus G+ SuperSpeed 125M
- G-260 Wireless Client USB G+ SuperSpeed 125M
- G-360 Wireless Client PCI G+ SuperSpeed 125M

22.04.2009, 01:20
Linksys WAG54GS Wireless ADSL Modem Router W/ SpeedBooster


Supports 802.11g and 802.11b wireless LAN
SpeedBooster technology increases wireless performance by up to 35%
Built-in ADSL modem with G.lite, G.dmt, and T1. 413 support
Supports 4 10/100 Auto MDI/MDI-X LAN switch ports
Enhanced security management functions: Port Filtering, MAC and IP Address Filtering, DMZ Hosting, and NAT Technology
Built-in web graphical user interface for easy configuration from any web browser
Support for RFC1483, PPPoE and PPPoA connections
Statefull Packet Inspection (SPI) firewall with Denial of Service (DoS) prevention
Wireless Access Lists to enhance wireless security
Supports VPN Passthrough for IPSec, PPTP, and L2TP Protocols
Supports Static and Dynamic Routing (RIP1 and 2)
DHCP Server Capability to Assign IP Addresses Automatically
Remote administration and remote upgrades available over the Internet
Email and Web-based Logging of Security Events
Supports traffic and event logging
Support for NTP (Network Time Protocol) for Synchronizing with a Real-Time Server
Support for Broadcast SSID Disable
SecureEasySetup push button makes it easy to configure your wireless devices

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Вы всё еще принимаете заказы?